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Tropical Biophilic Restaurant Design

Popularity in biophilic design is huge right now and it's constantly growing, with more commercial spaces wanting greenery and nature brought indoors, we were set the task of a biophilic interior landscaping incorporating tropical plants and florals to create a modern tropical wonderland for the Beleza Restaurant, in Kingswood.

All these plants are artificial... can you believe it? we only provide high quality, true to life foliage, for this project to keep the restaurants Brazilian theme running through, vivid greens and oranges were needed, this is a truly tropical interior with trailing plants above you and flourishing flowers everywhere you look, this brings life and texture to your commercial interiors.

This creates amazing talking points too, providing an engaging experience, customers want to take more snaps and showcase this on social media, how could you not! Biophilic designs are an amazing way to bring more customers to you and put your business on the map.

Please contact us for any enquiries about are commercial biophilic designs.

Designed by Copper & Ash

Photos by Neil Holmes Photography

Interior Landscaping by Arti Green LTD

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