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Living walls are the ultimate in biophilic design. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, not only creating a stand out aesthetic feature, but also helping to improve air quality and increase well being.

Our green wall systems sustainably add a warm, living surface to any wall, in any learning, working or living environment. 

You can also choose plants to reflect a colour scheme or branding in a commercial setting. Your living wall can be designed with flexibility and creativity; in various foliages, flowers, textures and colours.

We supply and install two living walls systems which can both be used for indoor and outdoor projects: LivePanel & LivePanel Pack. 

Some of the benefits of a living green wall include:

  • Improved air quality through oxygen production and fine dust absorption 

  • The use of living walls can help improve wellbeing and help to increase productivity in the workplace

  • Temperature and noise insulation 

  • Space-saving

  • Aesthetic value creating a stand out feature and talking point

  • For larger green wall applications (LivePanel) or standard sized (LivePanel Pack) options available for smaller installations

  • Easy manual option or automatic irrigation options

We offer two living wall options, both of which are modular systems that can be use indoors and outdoors. We can also provide an installation service throughout the UK for the LivePanel System, or if you choose the LivePanel Pack, this can also be provided on a supply only basis and full installation instructions can be provided. 

Our living wall systems consist of green profiles which work as a water tank and interchangeable plant cassettes with slots which hold the plants in place. The modules can be fixed to walls in both indoor or outdoor environments and in both residential and commercial spaces. The various sizes and creative planting options make a flexible, space-saving living wall system with an unlimited range of applications.

For more information on our living wall systems, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project:

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