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Maximising space by planting vertically is becoming popular in public, commercial and residential buildings. However, for many vertical garden projects, the installation, planting, feeding and irrigation systems, as well as replanting and maintenance costs of real green walls can soon mount up, eating into budgets. This means artificial foliage, and plants are becoming the solution of choice with many designers and interior landscapers.  Artificial green walls require no irrigation or drainage, nor feeding, watering and replanting, and routinely requires less space outwards from the mounting wall, which ultimately saves valuable interior floor space.

Artificial green walls which are easy to install and can be cut to fit dimensions and shapes needed for your project. Choose from bespoke options or our standard panels made with 130 high quality plants per panel for a lush, vibrant and realistic look.

In addition to the traditional vertical mounting on interior and exterior walls, a major benefit of artificial green wall panels is that they can be mounted at any angle and can be used on ceilings. Our standard deluxe artificial green wall panels are made with flame retardant foliage for use in commercial interiors, as well as being UV stable, meaning they can also be used outdoors to create a zero maintenance vertical garden.


An artificial green wall is an alternative option to a living wall for situations where a client may want a zero maintenance solution or may want to use greenery in an area where real plants cannot survive. A green wall really is a stand out design feature and creates a talking point for customers, which is why they are perfect for commercial interiors such as hotels, spa's, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, offices, retail premises and window displays, as well as private residential properties and gardens.

  • UV Stable and fire retardant options are available

  • Artificial green wall options for both interior and outdoor use

  • Carefully designed planting for a realistic look

  • No maintenance

  • Sturdy mesh panel systems or flexible panel options

  • Easy and quick installation by our specialist team or your own contractor

  • Panels can be cut to fit bespoke areas and can be customized with additional plants, foliage and flowers

  • Suitable for development properties and commercial interior design projects such as, office interiors, hotels, bars, restaurants, retail premises and residential projects.

Please contact us with your project details for a free quotation. 

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