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A Greener Office Means Less Sick Days

Biophilic design is becoming increasingly important when it comes to office interior design.

The role that greenery and plants can play in a workplace is definitely worth consideration when planning or design a space where employees will spend the majority of their day.

According to research from the Wageningen Research University, employees find a workplace with plants more attractive than an office with no greenery or natural design elements. Plants in the workplace will help to increase air humidity, help to increase positive moods, bring about more contentment among employees about their own performance, whilst also bringing down the number of absence caused by sickness.

Research in the US has also shown that when we work in greener offices, we also get up to a 26% boost in cognition, and as much as 30% fewer sickness related absences. What's more interesting is that some respondents of the research also reported a 6% rise in their quality of sleep.

Here at Arti Green we supply a range of products for maximum greenery in the office with minimum use of space. From 'live' picture frames which can easily be hung on the wall and filled with living plants, to natural preserved moss walls or full interior planting schemes using a mix of live, preserved and where conditions won't allow for live plants, we can also off realistic artificial planting options.

To discuss your workplace or office planting or interior landscaping requirements, contact us for a no obligation chat.

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