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Artificial Planting Display for the National Bank of Jamaica

The interior at the National Bank of Jamaica in Brixton, London is vibrant and contemporary with a splash of biophilic greenery thrown in to create a welcoming and uplifting environment for both it's staff and customers.

Artificial greenery was used to frame the large screen on the main feature wall with added yellow flowers as a nod to it's Jamaican heritage.

The central feature of the interior is the contemporary tree constructed of plywood for a modern yet natural look. We then added artificial hanging plants and foliage to the ceiling to bring the tree to life.

The interior was designed for modern banking with an uplifting biophilic interior, reflective of the lush greenery seen in Jamaica, but the client wanted a zero maintenance solution so they didn't have to worry about the maintenance of live plants.

Contact us to discuss how fire retardant artificial planting can be used in your commercial interior project.

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