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Plants in the office can reduce stress, improve workplace wellbeing and increase productivity.

We can offer a range of interior landscaping services for office and workplace interiors, from live plants, moss walls and living walls, to large zen garden planters to barrier planting and artificial plant displays. 

Office plants and trees delivered and installed throughout the UK.

Having plants in the office or workplace can be hugely beneficial. As humans we have an innate desire to be closer to nature and bringing elements of nature into an office or workplace can help to reduce stress levels, help to increase productivity, lower the risk of headaches and reduce fatigue. Whether it be live plants, artificial or preserved plants, greenery and biophilic elements can increase the wellbeing of your staff.

We can supply and install a wide range of live plants, faux plants and trees, or preserved plants to suit various office interior schemes and budgets, working closely with you or your interior designers to create your desired look. We can also supply and install, living walls, moss walls and large artificial trees for large office spaces and reception or lobby areas.

Our plant and planter combinations can be made up ready to simply put in place or for larger office interior landscaping projects, we can offer a complete installation service from design and manufacture right through to completion. Please contact us to discuss workplace planting options for your office interior. 

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