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Japanese Inspired Zen Garden Planter For A Modern Office Interior

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

With employees spending more time working in front of screens and in meetings, we were contacted by an innovative company who wanted to do things differently. Their idea was to transform their communal areas into natural retreats from the stress of the working day so that every employee felt more relaxed and at ease. They were looking for a maintenance-free way to bring the natural world inside their building, all without having to use artificial plants which didn’t offer what they wanted.

Our brief was to make optimal use of the large area of space under the main stairway, and to do it in a way that added to the overall aesthetic of the interiors. We were give a space, and a strong desire to avoid any of the maintenance that comes with live plants. With all of this in mind we got to work exploring new biophilic elements that others hadn’t thought of.

The solution was a timber planter filled with authentic stone features and preserved moss which we could then use to shape a Japanese inspired Zen Garden made from preserved flat moss, bun moss and natural stone. Our goal was to create a natural, biophilic addition to the building which would invite anyone to pause for a moment and reflect. The Zen garden helps to calm, peaceful space which can be enjoyed from every angle while at the same time adding no extra work for the client and their staff.

If you are interested in adding elements of biophilic design to your building, or if you are looking for ways to make use of an under stairs space with natural elements or planting, we are always available to discuss your options. It doesn’t matter whether you know exactly what you want, have no idea where to start, or anything else in between. Our biophilic design services are available right across the North of England, including Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, as well as London and Birmingham.

When you want to take things in a more natural direction, all you have to do is ask

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