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Biophilic Restaurant Interior & Preserved Green Walls

A couple of years ago we were asked by the fabulous La Luna restaurant in Halifax to create a large scale preserved green wall to bring a natural look to the interior whilst providing the perfect back drop for those all important 'selfies' that customers can then tag the restaurant in their social media posts.

The restaurant owner wanted the green wall to be a real talking point with his customers, making the restaurant famous locally, not only for it's fabulous food, but also for it's unique interior and overall dining experience with an element of biophilic design.

We created a large preserved foliage green wall using natural moss and plants including eucalyptus, thuja, ferns and amaranthus for the main feature wall in the restaurant. We then made a slightly smaller preserved green wall for the opposite side of the restaurant to keep the biophilic 'nature' theme running throughout the interior.

Once completed, the restaurant found there to be an increase in covers with many customers requesting to be seated by the green wall, with some not wanting to be seated in their upstairs dining area where they didn't have a view of the wall, so the restaurant then asked us to create another preserved green wall for this area along with some preserved foliage trees to continue the biophilic look on the first floor.

Natural preserved eucalyptus tree
Natural preserved eucalyptus tree
Biophilic restaurant interior with preserved moss and plants
Biophilic restaurant interior with preserved moss and plants

To discuss planting or how to bring greenery to your restaurant interior project please contact us for a no obligation chat and we'll be happy to help.

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