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Interior & Exterior Planting for Willow Restaurant

Interior Planting: Willow restaurant is a great example of how planting can be used creatively to enhance a dining space. The client wanted to create a unique interior with lots of greenery and leafy foliages with a few delicate florals along with live olive tree planting for the outdoor dining space.

For the interior space in the main restaurant we used a combination of hanging pots and shelf planting, floor standing planters with an eclectic range of faux plants for zero maintenance and feature panels of willow branches and jasmine to match the jasmine planting to the exterior. We also created wall planting displays to keep the theme running through other areas including the reception / entrance and the toilets.

The use of plants and greenery within the restaurant interior was an integral part of the design. Working alongside the restaurant owner and the interior designer, we helped to create a more engaging and relaxing environment for diners.

Outdoor Planting: For the planting outside, the client wanted the restaurant to have a clearly defined outdoor dining space that was separate from the car parking spaces. White washed timber barrier planters were used for a summer vibe and planted with live olive trees for all year round greenery that screened the car park from the seating area creating a relaxed, Mediterranean inspired space. We used lavender under planting for a touch of colour and fragrance during the Summer months along with Jasmine in the trough planters under the restaurant signage to climb around and add a beautiful floral element.

To discuss interior landscaping and outdoor planting for your restaurant or hospitality venue please contact us and we will be happy to have a chat to see how we can help.


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