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Biophilic Moss Walls For The BBC Lighthouse Building

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We were delighted to recently be chosen to supply and install our biophilic preserved moss walls at the new BBC Lighthouse building in London which is their centre for research and development.

Bun moss walls by Arti Green Ltd

The designers working on the new building were conscious of the importance of biophilic elements in the workplace and wanted to bring a little bit of nature to the interior. Research shows that adding greenery to the workplace can improve both productivity and well being as well as boosting creativity.

Biophilic preserved moss walls installed at the new BBC office

The designers wanted to add greenery and natural texture to the interior walls so we added preserved bun moss panels set in dark grey timber frames to sit inside the existing joinery. The bun moss walls were used in the main shared office areas and in several meeting rooms.

Moss walls by Arti Green Ltd installed at the BBC

The preserved bun moss brings vibrant greenery to the space as a contrast to the neutral grey tones of the rest of the interior fixtures. Because the moss is preserved it doesn't require maintenance or watering which is perfect for a busy office environment.

Biophilic Moss Walls UK

Project Details: BBC Lighthouse Building.

Product: Preserved moss walls made with bun moss.

Frames: Timber frames finished in RAL 7016 dark grey.

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