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Circular Preserved Reindeer Moss Wall Frame

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Circular moss wall frame which we made and installed back in August for the wonderful East Lancashire Hospice. The team there do an absolutley amazing job! Realizing the benefits of biophilic design, they wanted to add an element of nature to their interior to help create a calming atmosphere. They wanted to use the wall space rather than the floor space so a moss wall was the perfect option.

Natural biophilic reindeer moss wall in circular frame

We made a circular timber frame finished in anthracite grey (RAL7016) to compliment the door & window frames. We then used preserved reindeer moss which is a 100% natural product, carefully handmade from environmentally friendly and sustainable preserved Icelandic moss. The reindeer moss is picked by hand from the Northern Forests of Iceland to have minimal impact on the landscape.

Circular round reindeer moss wall frame. Biophilic interiors.

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