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Artificial Fire Retardant Plants For The New Stem & Glory Restaurant

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Artificial fire retardant trailing plants for restaurant interior

We were thrilled to be asked to install the artificial plant scheme for the fabulous Stem & Glory

vegan restaurant in London. The client wanted a lush plant scheme with plenty of trailing greenery, however as a busy London restaurant, they wanted a maintenance free option to fit around the top of the bar and open kitchen area.

Artificial restaurant plants by Arti Green

Working closely with the interior designer we decided on a mixture of faux ferns, trailing ivy, trailing staghorn and a trailing evergreen fern for a full, bushy and vibrant look. The plant arrangements were fitted into timber insterts which then slotted into the bar gantry creating an eye catching design feature.

Artificial plants in bar gantry by Arti Green Ltd

As the plants were installed in a busy restaurant it was of high importance that fire retardant plants were used. For more information on our artificial planting schemes for restaurants, please contact us.

Project Details: Stem & Glory vegan restaurant London.

Product: Fire retardant plant arrangements - Ivy, ferns, trailing plants.

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