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Biophilic Preserved Plant Wall Design

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We were recently asked to make a preserved plant wall for a private residential property in Lancashire. The busy client wanted to implement biophilic design to the large hallway, using natural materials and bringing an element of nature to the space, but without having to worry about day to day maintenance.

The advantage of a preserved biophilic green wall is that you can achieve the look of a living wall, but there is no need to water, prune or re plant. You also get a natural fresh smell of the foliage when you walk into the room, just as you would with living plants.

Biophilic Design Preserved Plant Wall

The feature wall was made up of several sections fixed into the bespoke walnut frames for a high end contemporary look. We used a combination of preserved botanical greenery such as reindeer moss, bun moss, ferns, grasses, pepper tree stems and eucalyptus to name but a few.

Biophilic Interior Design Plant Wall

For further information on our preserved plant walls please contact us.

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