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Live Picture bridges the gap between plants and art to offer instant greenery and improving any interior or outdoor space. Unusual and beautiful, LivePicture brings new life and interest to any bare wall, at home, in the office or in public spaces. This living picture simply hangs on the wall as easily as a painting to create a stunning vertical garden. No electricity or water connection is required. 

An easy and affordable alterntative to a full green wall, this living picture / plant wall frame is great for residential projects and commercial spaces alike. Live Picture has a smart, integrated watering system, is easy to install and easy to maintain. Simply fill the casette with our your choice of plants and add water once every six weeks. The internal irrigation system contains sufficient water for approx 6 weeks depending on pruning, the temperature and types of plant used. The irrigation system has a visible water level indicator which indicates when it is full or requires refilling. LivePicture has also been tested at temperatures between 0-40˚C. Installing LivePicture requires a level, a pencil and a drill. All fixing materials are included with the hardware. LivePicture can also be supplied in white, silver grey or charcoal / dark grey as well as a choice of sizes. We can also offer a full installation and planting service for commercial projects such as office interiors, restaurants, hotels etc. Please contact us for a quotation.

Why choose Live Picture?

  • Multiple sizes to choose from

  • Indoor or outdoor use

  • No floor space used

  • No separate irrigation needed

  • Easy to plant with your choice of indoor plants, herbs or outdoor plants 

  • 4-6 weeks between watering with low water usage

  • Zinc powder coated steel to protect from rusting

  • Simple indicator to show when empty

  • Plant cassettes not fitted to the walls meaning easy plant replacement

  • No water pump or drainage needed

  • Cassettes made of EPP – recycled car tyres

  • Can be easily moved 

  • Plus all the  benefits of having greenery in a workplace such as noise reduction, humidification, reducing dust and carbon dioxide reduction etc

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