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Serene Biophilic Moss Wall for a Pool Interior

Updated: Jan 27

Everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the impact their surroundings can have on their wellbeing. With this in mind there has been no shortage of innovative approaches to incorporating nature into an interior design scheme, and none more important than the rise of biophilic design. Simply by bringing nature indoors you can make a real difference to the ambience your space, as shown here in one of our latest projects…

Working closely with the interior designer, our task was to create a natural preserved green wall for the interior wall of the clients pool room. Bringing nature into the environment to enhance serenity and create a sense of tranquility, blending with the rest of the interior fixtures and natural wall and flooring textures. The owners wanted something that felt unique, natural and authentic, and wanted to avoid anything which felt contrived. Our solution was to use 100% natural materials, with a mixture of different species of preserved moss as wall cladding for one of their largest wall surface with an organic circular pattern to add texture and interest.

By putting together preserved flat moss, bun moss and an assortment of natural preserved ferns we were able to create a tranquil and soothing space that brings natural elements into the indoor space. The result was a serene and calming vibe that flows from the wall so that when you look up from the pool you feel relaxed and at one with nature.

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