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Restaurant Project - Zero Maintenance Trailing Plants

Updated: Jan 19

Finding the right balance between natural interior features and upkeep / maintenance

can be difficult. With awareness of environmental and mental health issues on the rise like

never before, more and more businesses and organisations are trying to figure out how to

strike the perfect balance in creating the right atmosphere, especially within the hospitality

industry. That’s why when we were contacted by a local interior designer working on the

refurbishment of a restaurant in Preston back in summer 2020, we were very excited to get


Restaurant Interior Ceiling Plants
Restaurant Interior Ceiling Plants

The brief we were given was simple: hanging plants, zero maintenance, and a calming, lush green end

result. The zero maintenance aspect ruled out any live plants so the client chose artificial planting to also keep within budget, rather than using preserved foliages. To make sure everything fitted together in an authentic way we opted for artificial plants with small artificial wild flowers from beginning to end. This helped match the textures and colours with one another so that everything blended together in a truly natural way. Exactly what our clients wanted to see when they first envisioned their project taking shape in their establishment.

Hanging Ceiling Plants For Restaurant Interiors
Hanging Ceiling Plants For Restaurant Interiors

The brief was based around eye-catching trailing plants which were designed to welcome people into the space and allow them the chance to take their time while seeing what we’d made. To add to the experience we wove in a selection of artificial wild flowers at various stages to add variety in terms of texture, colour, and form. The end result was a natural look and feel that required no ongoing maintenance on behalf of the restaurant team.

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