Instant green screens, creating privacy whilst reducing pollution and improving air quality.

We are official suppliers and installers of Mobilane Green Screens. Supplying residential clients, schools, councils hospitals,

councils, house builders, developers and universities with instant low maintenance greenery.

Hedera helix and ivy screening installed by Arti Green. Making inner cities and towns greener whilst reducing pollution. Research shows that Mobilane Green Screens are superior in plant density and construction than other green screen options on the market. 

Our Mobilane green screens provide instant green hedging with many benefits:

  • Can be installed straight into the ground or in a raised planter.

  • Instant greenery and privacy

  • Green alternative to timber or stone fencing

  • Improves air quality, contributing to a helthier environment by reducing PM10 pollutants 

  • Low Maintenance

  • Ideal for increasing biodiversity in city centres and towns

  • Available in various heights

  • Certified sustainable production

  • A choice of plant species - Hedera Helix / Ivy, Euonymous and Carpinus


Green My School 

Hedera ivy green screens as a pollution barrier for better air quality: When installed at schools, playgrounds and urban play areas in major UK cities, our Mobilane Green Screens improve playground and roadside air quality. The natural structure of the plants help to remove harmful PM10 pollutants in the air. Superior in plant density and construction than other instant ivy screen options, in some sample locations up to 60% of the particles were “cleansed” from the air around our mobilane screens. The research continues to validate these initial findings, but increasingly, the installation of Green Screens offers not only a natural and lush green privacy screening barrier for schools’, but they are also a valuable screening option whic reduces the effects of urban pollution from our school playgrounds giving children cleaner air as they play.


Our instant ivy hedge screening is available on either a supply only basis or with a full installation service. We regularly install our green screens for commrcial clients, schools and local councils across the North in cities including Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds etc.

Hedera ivy screens as a green wall
Hedera green screens can be used to create and instant cost effective green wall.
Ivy Green Screens For Schools
Hedera / ivy green screens installed in raised planters for a Manchester primary school who wanted to add privacy whilst helping to reduce PM10 air pollution.
Ivy Screens To Reduce Air Pollution
Ivy green screens to reduce playground and roadside air pollution at inner city schools whilst creating privacy screening.
Instant Ivy Screening
Instant ivy screening used as an alternative to timber fencing. Reducing harmful road side PM10 particles.
Ivy Screening To Hide Bin Storage
Our hedera ivy screening is perfect for residential developments to hide bin storage or bike storage etc whilst increasing greenery.
Instant Garden Hedge Screening
Our Mobilane green screens are a fantastic alternative to timber fences for residential gardens.
Instant Hedge Screening
Instant Ivy Hedera Helix Green Screening
Section areas in public spaces
Green screens can be used to easily section areas in public spaces.
Green screens for public spaces
Green screens can also be used to add greenery and improve the appearance of the exterior of public buildings.
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Ivy Screens To Reduce Air Pollution

Ivy green screens to reduce playground and roadside air pollution at inner city schools whilst creating privacy screening.