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TEL: 01772 439011  E: info@artigreen.co.uk




Faux flower stems and individual plant stems can be supplied on a wholesale basis for artificial landscaping, interior landscaping, commercial interiors, residential interior design projects, hotels, restaurants and visual merchandising window displays. If you are looking for a particular planting style for your project, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We have a network of suppliers across Europe, meaning we are able to supply a wide range of artificial plants, from English garden plants and flowers to faux such as blossom, magnolia and roses to tropical & jungle plants.

Large White Fuji Blossom 120cm
Large White Artificial Fuji Blossom branch 120cm
Large Pink Fuji Blossom Stem 120cm
Large Artificial Pink Fuji Blossom Stems 120cm
Large White Cherry Blossom 153cm
Large White Cherry Blossom 153cm
Pink Artificial Cherry Blossom
Pink artificial cherry blossom stems / branches 78cm AGFS11037PI
White artificial cherry blossom
White artificial cherry blossom stems / branches AG11037CR- 78cm
89cm Palm Bush Stems
Artificial Palm Bush Stem 89cm
Boxwood Bush UV
Artificial Boxwood Bush UV suitable for outdoor use.
UV Artificial Sword Grass
UV Artificial Sword Grass.
Suitable for outdoors.
Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Stem 98cm
Artificial fiddle leaf fig stem 98cm
Artificial Thistle Stems
Artificial thistle stems.
Artificial Blue Delphinium Flower
Artificial blue delphinium flower stems.
Artificial Iris Flowers
Artificial Iris Flower Stems
Artificial Purple Wisteria Branches
Artificial purple wisteria flower branches.
Artificial Lilac Branch 1m
Artificial lilac branches 1m length
Faux Campanula flowers
Purple Delphinium Spray
Faux purple delphinium spray.
Artificial Dark Pink Foxglove
Artificial dark pink foxglove flower stems
Artificial Veronica Stems
Artificial Veronica Stems
Japanese Anemone Stems
Artificial Japanese Anemone Stems
Artificial Lilacs 72cm
Artificial Lilacs 72cm branch.
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