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TEL: 01772 439011  E: info@artigreen.co.uk





Here you will find a selection of our artificial plants which can be supplied on their own or potted in any of our planters. 

Some of our plants are UV resistant and can be used outdoors and others are made with flame retardant foliages meaning they are suitable for commercial interiors, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Luxury Artificial Plants For Hotels
Luxury artificial plants for hotels, bars, restaurants and commercial interiors.
Tropical Hanging Baskets
Artificial tropical greenery hanging baskets.
Hanging Rhipsalis Plant In Pot
Artificial Hanging Rhipsalis Plant In Pot.
Artificial Cactus
Artificial cactus. On trend stylish faux plant well suited to both modern and rustic commercial interiors such as restaurants & bars etc.
Small Artificial Cactus
Small handmade artificial cuctus. Perfect for an office or reception desk or as a table top plant.
Artificial Monstera 86cm
Artificial Mostera Plant 86cm
Artificial Succulent 35cm
Artificial Succulent 35cm
Flora Burgundy Artificial Orchid
High quality burgundy faux orchid for hotels, bars, restaurants, offices and spa's etc.
Artificial Cactus Succulent
Artificial cactus succulent
Artificial Dogtail Grass
Artificial Dogtail grasses in small black pot. Available at 52cm, 90cm and 120cm tall.
50cm Potted Aloe
50cm Potted Aloe Plant.
Potted Boston Fern Plant
Artificial Boston fern plant in a small black pot. 54cm.
Artificial Sansevieria Stem - Green
Artificial Sansevieria / mother in laws tongue plant stem. Available at 62cm or 107cm. Dark green leaves.
Artificial Fern Plant 12LVS 60cm
Artificial fern plant 60cm with flame retardant foliage.
Tall Forest Fern Plant
Tall forest fern plant available at 115cm & 155cm. Planter not included. Supplied in a small black pot.
Deluxe Aloe Vera
Deluxe artificial Aloe Vera 58cm
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