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TEL: 01772 439011  E: info@artigreen.co.uk





Large artificial trees which can be supplied ready potted for commercial interior use, in offices, reception areas, hotels, bars, restaurants, car showrooms etc. With a wide range to choose from, including palm trees, bamboo, olive trees, maple and ficus trees. Made from high quality materials, with UV and fire retardant options available.

If you are looking for a particular type of artificial tree for your commercial installation project or visual merchandising display, please contact us with your requirements and we will be more than happy to help. Our trees can be supplied as they are, or we can provide a potting service with a planter or your choice. Depending on the height of the tree, potting may need to be carried out on site. Our range of artificial trees includes ficus trees, maple trees, banana trees, palm trees, blossom trees etc, from 1m up to 5m tall. We can also supply large bespoke artificial trees for various commercial environments including offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, retail and window displays.

Large Artificial Trees
Large artificial trees for a London office interior.
Artificial Office Trees and Plants
Large artificial ficus trees made and installed for a shared office workspace in Leeds.
Bespoke artificial red maple tree
Large bespoke artificial maple tree made for a bar in Leeds.
Made with fire retardant foliage.
Ficus Tree & Planter Installation London
Large fire retardant artificial ficus trees installed in concrete planters for a new office renovation project in London.
Large artificial blossom tree
Large artificial blossom tree for a retail display in London. Large blossom trees are perfect for visual merchandising and retail design.
Large artificial olive trees
Large artificial olive trees for bars, restaurants and office interiors.
3m Tall Artificial Ficus Tree
Large 3m tall artificial ficus tree for commercial interiors and office interiors.
Large Artificial Red Maple Tree
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Large Artificial Banana Tree 3 Trunk
Large artificial banana tree 2.5m for visual merchandising, display and commercial interiors.
Artificial Banana Tree
Large artificial banana tree for tropical interiors.
Large Phoenix Palm Tree 210cm
Large artificial phoenix palm tree 210cm
Large Artificial Orange Tree
Large artificial orange tree. Ideal for restaurants or retail displays. These artificial trees are a favourite with our visual merchandising and branding clients.
Red Maple Aralia Tree
Artificial Red Maple Tree
Large Blossom Tree In White Planter
2400mm large artificial blossom tree with white blossom flowers.
Pink Artificial Blossom Tree
Pink artificial blossom tree at 244cm (2.4m) tall.Also available in white.
Artificial Magnolia Tree
Artificial magnolia tree for retail displays and visual merchandising.
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Pink Artificial Blossom Tree

Pink artificial blossom tree at 244cm (2.4m) tall.Also available in white.