Artificial office plants and trees delivered and installed throughout the UK.

Artificial plants are the perfect solution for busy offices. You can have the benefit of lush long lasting greenery to inspire staff and improve the look of your workplace environment without the hassle of caring for real plants.

We can help create a maintenance free interior landscape right from the design process through to installation.

We can supply and install a wide range of faux plants and trees, or preserved plants to suit various office interior schemes and budgets, working closely with you or your interior designers to create your desired look. We can also supply and install tall artificial trees for large office spaces and reception areas. Our plant and planter combinations can be made up ready to simply put in place. Please contact us to discuss artificial planting options for your office interior.

Please take a look at some of our maintenance free artificial office plants below.

Artificial Office Plants and Trees
Artificial office plants and large trees installed in a central London office reception area.
Office Plants & Green Wall
Office planters and green wall installation for an office in London.
Artificial Office Plants
Artificial Office Plants
Office Plants Artificial Yucca
Office plants installation - Artificial Yucca plants for the NewRiver Offices in central London.
Artificial Palm Trees Installation
Large artificial palm trees for commercial interiors and reception areas.
Artificial Office Plants UK
Artificial office plants including pandanus and yucca, installed for New River Retail offices in London.
Large artificial orchid display
Large artificial orchid display for an office entrance.These orchid displays were 1.6m tall.
Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants
Artificial fiddle leaf fig office plants, installed by Arti Green Ltd in London.
Desktop Office Plants
We have a range of smaller plants which are perfect for desktops and shelves to bring a touch of greenery to office interiors.
Premium Quality Artificial Plants
Premium quality artificial planters for office interiors.
Artificial office plants Banana Tree
Artificial office plants. Tropical banana tree set in a grey tapered planter.
Artificial Office Reception Trees
Artificial Office Reception Trees In Planters.
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Artificial Palm Trees Installation

Large artificial palm trees for commercial interiors and reception areas.